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Tobacco Dependency Advisor Training

NCSCT have been commissioned to develop a national training programme for Tobacco Dependency Advisors that will be released in the new year. The new national training programme is based upon the results of the training needs survey carried out by NCSCT who collaborated with the NHS and ASH on this work in spring 2023.

The results of the survey can be viewed here.

In addition to this, NHSE and NCSCT have produced a document summarising the current resources available for training Tobacco Dependency Advisors working in the inpatient setting and compiled the links to different resources. These links are compiled according to the different settings the advisors are specialising in e.g. Acute or Mental Health.

If you are a Tobacco Dependency Advisor or interested in the role please take a look at the document above to see what training is needed for the position.

If you are someone who helps smokers to quit you are encouraged to register with the NCSCT and use their online training programme and take the practitioner assessment to achieve NCSCT certification. The NCSCT online training is a unique resource that allows stop smoking practitioners to demonstrate that they have core knowledge and skills to deliver effective behavioural support. Please click here to take part in the programme.

Recommendations for training

  • Patient-facing staff should receive training that is appropriate to their role in the tobacco dependence treatment pathway.
  • Training is relevant not only to medical and nursing staff, but all frontline healthcare professionals, as the intervention can be delivered irrespective of grade, role or clinical registration – the expertise in delivering the expert advice is key.
  • Different modes of training should be made available, e.g. face-to-face, online, observed practice and mentoring.