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Data and Cost Calculators

ASH Ready Reckoner (Updated May 2024)

The ASH Ready Reckoner is an easy-to-use cost calculator, allowing you to see the costs of smoking to society. The tangible wider societal costs of smoking in England are £46.3 Bn and these are broken down into individual local authorities, combined authorities, regions, and Integrated Care Boards (ICBs). Estimates are also available for parliamentary constituencies and wards. Costs include productivity, healthcare, social care (local authority paid-for and value of informal care by family and friends and unmet need) and fire costs, but not taxes or social security which are national-level public finance impacts. For further information, read the Ready Reckoner methodology.

Access the ASH Ready Reckoner

ASH Economic and health inequalities dashboard (Updated November 2023)

See the smoking-related inequalities in health and wealth in local authorities, combined authorities, regions and England.

Tobacco Dependence Treatment Service ROI Calculator

A return-on-investment tool which uses the Ottawa model for Smoking Cessation to estimate the impact of fully implementing Tobacco Dependency Treatment Services (TDTS) on indicators including hospital readmissions, A&E presentations, financial savings, new bed spaces and lives saved. This data can be broken down by Foundation Trust, ICB and NHS region.

ASH ICS Briefings

Data on prevalence, impact and cost of smoking on ICS footprints; demonstrating how reducing smoking prevalence helps achieve NHS inequalities targets.

Smoking and poverty

Analysis of the impact of tobacco dependency on household finances and poverty based on national datasets.

Smoking, employability, and earnings

Analysis of the impact of smoking on employment and earnings in terms of lost income.

Smoking and social care

Analysis of local authority spend on social care due to smoking and estimate of unmet need.

External resources

OHID Local tobacco control profiles: data on key indicators and trends for your local area. Updated regularly.

Smoking Toolkit Study: UCL monthly tracking of key indicators in smoking, quitting and e-cigarettes for England.