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Resources to support practice

Here you'll find resources developed by the Mental Health and Smoking Partnership for those working in mental health inpatient and community settings.

You can view resources relating to the NHS Long Term Plan's commitment to support people with mental health conditions stop smoking here.

Resources for inpatient settings

Short training guide for mental health professionals

This 2-page training guide for mental health professionals sets out each professional groups’ responsibilities in the stop smoking pathway and examples of appropriate training.

View and download here

Evidence into practice briefing - NICE Guidance PH48

This evidence into practice briefing sets out evidence, case studies and lessons for practice on the implementation of smokefree policies in line with NICE PH48 in mental health trusts. It also directs readers to further resources that provide advice and guidance on issues such as prescribing of pharmacotherapy, commissioning in line with smokefree policies and staff training.

View and download here

Smokefree Q&A: What should you be asking your Trust?

This Q&A document sets out key questions to assess your trust’s progress towards supporting service users to quit smoking in line with NICE guidance PH48.

View and download here

'Quit smoking' poster for inpatient settings

This poster describes effective ways to help service users quit smoking and should be displayed in staff areas of inpatient settings.

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7 tips for helping smokers with mental health problems quit

This Mental Health & Smoking Partnership resource sets out 7 tips for helping smokers with mental health problems quit for good. These tips were developed by Rethink expert by experience, Hannah Moore, based on her personal experience of quitting smoking as a mental health service user.

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Resources for community settings

Leaflet for service users: quitting smoking

This short leaflet sets out key information on smoking for people with mental health conditions, including the benefits of being smokefree and the support they should be offered by the community mental health team to help them quit.

View and download here

Briefing for professionals: Supporting service users to quit

This short brief provides information for mental health professionals on supporting smokers to quit, including addressing some common misconceptions.

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Additional resources