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Local Maternity Systems

Here you'll find resources to support those working to reduce smoking in pregnancy in Local Maternity Systems.

LMS briefings

Briefings for Local Maternity Systems (2020)

The Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group has produced updated briefings for each LMS. The briefings include:

  • Local data on adult smoking prevalence and smoking rates among pregnant women
  • An update on the national policy context, including information on the reintroduction of CO monitoring and the NHS Long Term Plan
  • Best practice case studies on supporting vulnerable pregnant women to quit smoking and using e-cigarettes to improve engagement with pregnant smokers

Links to useful resources and information

You can view the briefing for your LMS from the list below. If you have any queries please get in touch.

North East

North West

Yorkshire and the Humber

East Midlands

West Midlands

East of England


South West

South East

Briefing: LMS smokefree pregnancy pathway

The Challenge Group has developed a smokefree pregnancy pathway briefing for Local Maternity Systems. The briefing draws on NICE Guidance and the Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle to set out the key steps for supporting women to quit smoking before, during and after pregnancy. It highlights the key points for services to engage with women throughout pregnancy, highlighting the bare-minimum, good and best practice levels of support. The briefing also links to key guidance and training from the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) and e-learning for healthcare.

LMS case studies (May 2019)

The Challenge Group has produced a new resource for Local Maternity Systems which presents three case studies from LMS’s that are working proactively and collaboratively across local areas to reduce rates of smoking in pregnancy. These case studies can serve as examples for others looking to expand their programme of work in this area. The case studies can be downloaded here. You can view our wider collection of smoking in pregnancy case studies here.


Local Maternity System opportunities and case studies

This Challenge Group webinar presents three case studies from Local Maternity Systems (LMSs) which are working proactively and collaboratively across local areas to reduce rates of smoking in pregnancy.

View webinar and download slides here