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About the Smokefree NHS Network

Our aims and objectives

The Smokefree NHS Network will support members to initiate, establish & embed high quality, well-led tobacco dependency treatment services in secondary care settings, by:

  • Spreading good practice
  • Inspiring through case studies
  • Signposting to practical tools
  • Providing opportunities for network members to share their thoughts, ideas and tips to achieve network objectives
  • Creating a safe, supportive learning environment where members can share challenges, what didn’t work and ask for help from colleagues

Support will be offered through quarterly interactive events and email updates every 6 weeks.

The Smokefree NHS Network will focus on cross cutting topics that are relevant to tobacco dependency treatment services in the maternity, mental health and the acute settings, and topics of specific relevance to the acute setting. Topics that are only relevant to the maternity or mental health settings will continue to be discussed at maternity or mental health network meetings.

Join the Smokefree NHS Network

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