Local Toolkit

The ASH Local Toolkit is a compilation of resources and links to materials for local public health professionals and councillors involved in tobacco control. 

The Toolkit was developed with support from members of the Smokefree Action Coalition

Together these resources will allow you to: 

  • Demonstrate the scale of the harm locally caused by tobacco use and the contribution this makes to health inequalities;
  • Demonstrate the cost to local communities, local economies and service providers;
  • Demonstrate the evidence of effectiveness of local action on tobacco and health, including tobacco control work and local stop smoking services.

Reports and Briefings

In addition to ASH’s Briefings and Fact Sheets, the following reports and briefings are particularly relevant for professionals working in tobacco control:

A new brief guide by ASH and Fresh for local authorities on how to achieve a smokefree generation (where 5% or less of the population smoke). This report pragmatically draws on ASH and other’s resources, setting out how they can be used to support a comprehensive tobacco control strategy.

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Reports written by ASH and commissioned by Cancer Research UK on the state of funding for, and provision of, tobacco control measures and smoking cessation support in England. 

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A series of short papers for Councillors including Cabinet members and members of Health and Wellbeing Boards and Health Scrutiny Committees.

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Short digests of local public opinion on support for tobacco control measures broken down by region.

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A report on the impact of tobacco addiction on household finances and poverty, set in context by the tobacco industry’s huge profits.

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This report sets out findings from a analysis conducted by Landman Economics for ASH looking at the impact of smoking on employment and earnings in terms of lost income across the UK.

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A report on the impact of smoking on social care, including findings on the cost of smoking to local authorities as a result of smoking-caused social care need. 

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Briefings setting out relevant evidence on a particular topic and the implications for practice in that area, including lots of local case studies demonstrating best practice.  

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Tools and Resources

Click on the icons below to view ASH’s tools and resources.

Health Inequalities Resource Pack

A set of materials to help reduce smoking rates among population groups at the sharp end of health inequalities.

Housing engagement resources

The first of ASH’s resources supporting public health teams to engage with partners in the housing sector.

Local Alliances Roadmap

Developed with Fresh this roadmap sets out resources available for local tobacco control alliances to deliver a smokefree generation.

Ready Reckoner

An easy to use cost calculator, allowing you to see the costs of smoking to society at national, regional, local authority and ward levels.

The quitting dividend for tenants and landlords

A briefing and cost calculator for housing providers exploring the financial impact smoking has on social housing landlords and tenants.

FCTC Article 5.3 Toolkit

A set of materials to help you protect public health policies from the influence of the tobacco industry, in line with obligations under the WHO FCTC.

Presentations and slide packs

ASH presentations on key reports and topics and slide decks for you to use and adapt to share key tobacco control messaging.

*NEW* Webinars

ASH's library of webinars, providing up-to-date information on a range of key areas.

External Resources

Local data on key indicators and trends for your local area by Public Health England. Updated regularly.

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Guidance for local authorities, public health bodies and the NHS on using ‘deep dive’ self-assessment tools to improve their tobacco control work.

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The Department for Health’s current tobacco control strategy: Towards a Smokefree Generation: A tobacco control plan for England, published July 2017.

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A collation of public health and clinical guidance on smoking related issues.

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PHE’s JSNA support pack helps local areas develop joint strategic needs assessments and local joint health and wellbeing strategies that effectively address public health issues relating to alcohol, drug and tobacco use.

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This short briefing by the Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) and PHE summarises what good comprehensive local tobacco control looks like in practice.

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ASH has endorsed this briefing Q&A document providing information and answers for Stop Smoking Services considering providing e-cigarette starter packs. The information is based on the findings of an NIHR funded trial.

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Cancer Research UK and the Local Government Association’s guide to comprehensive tobacco control for councillors and local authority public health officers. July 2019.

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