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United Kingdom
NHS Five Year Forward View Oct 2014 (pdf) This report sets out a plan for the NHS and calls for a “radical upgrade in prevention and public health”.
Achieving world-class cancer outcomes – A strategy for England 2015-2020. (summary) (PDFs) This report sets out a proposed new five-year cancer strategy for England.
Healthy Lives, Health People: a Tobacco Control Plan for England
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Policy Document, March 2011
This document sets out the Coalition Government’s strategy to reduce smoking which includes reshaping social norms around tobacco use. The plan builds on the six strands of comprehensive tobacco control that are recognised internationally.
Creating a tobacco-free generation –  A Tobacco Control Strategy for Scotland (pdf)
Policy Document, March 2013
This strategy has been developed with input from NHS Scotland, COSLA, the Third Sector and the research community and sets out the next steps on Scotland’s journey to becoming tobacco-free.
A Smokefree Future
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Policy Document, February 2010
The Labour Government’s tobacco control strategy launched on 1 February 2010 included targets to dramatically reduce smoking among 11-15 year olds from 6% to under 1% by 2020 and to reduce adult smoking from 21% to under 10% by 2020.
UK Choosing Health: Making healthy choices easier – A White Paper
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Policy Document, November 2004
This public health White Paper sets out the Government’s proposals to tackle a range of health issues including smoking. The key tobacco policies include a proposal to ban smoking in all workplaces; a commitment to maintain, and maximise use of, the stop smoking clinics; greater enforcement of the law to stop sales of tobacco to children; plans for pictorial health warnings and further efforts to combat tobacco smuggling.
Smoking Kills: A White paper on tobacco
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10th December 1998: the UK government publishes its comprehensive tobacco policy – covering tobacco advertising and marketing, taxation, smoking cessation, anti-tobacco campaigns, passive smoking in the workplace and public places, international aspects, protection of children and establishing a range of targets.
European Union
List of EU legal documents on tobacco control
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A chronological list of EU laws and resolutions on tobacco control from 1989 to 2006.

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