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Law Guide

This is a reference guide to tobacco related legislation, policy and voluntary agreements that apply in the UK, including European Union and international measures. Each section below deals with a different topic covered by the law.

Overall Policy

This section includes laws and policy documents relating to public health and tobacco control.

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Advertising, promotion & sponsorship

Laws governing the advertising and promotion of tobacco products

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The growth and cultivation of raw tobacco in Europe is governed by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

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Broadcasting guidelines

The rules and regulations regarding the portrayal of smoking and tobacco products in the broadcast media.

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Consumer protection

The EU General Products Directive covers items such as cigarette lighters.

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Product regulation and labelling

This section includes laws covering standardised packaging, health warnings, and e-cigarettes

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Smokefree places

The laws governing smoking in public places and in private vehicles when children are present.

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Smoking cessation

Regulations regarding the provision of stop smoking services and medicinal aids to quitting

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Taxation, Customs and Excise

The laws relating to tobacco tax and measures to combat the illicit trade in tobacco

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Youth access

Laws restricting youth access to tobacco including the minimum age for the purchase of tobacco

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Government policy on international tobacco control and the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

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European Union treaty and case law

Laws relating to consumer protection and public health

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