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Core20PLUS5 ICS briefings (2024)

Jan 2024

Tailored briefings for Integrated Care Systems showing the impact of smoking, using data at ICS level. The briefings use the new NHS England Core20PLUS5 framework which has been developed to help the NHS prioritise its activity to address health inequalities.

The briefings include:

  • Data on smoking prevalence among priority groups in each ICB and information on the wider costs and impact on society
  • Data on the impact of smoking on the 5 clinical areas of focus set out in Core20PLUS5
  • Information on the steps ICBs can take to reduce smoking prevalence and improve clinical outcomes
  • Links to useful resources and information.

Click here to view an ASH briefing setting out the impact of smoking on Core20PLUS5 and making specific recommendations for ICS prevention plans.

You can also view how much smoking costs your ICB in social care, fire and litter, healthcare, lost productivity, and spend on tobacco in the ASH ICB Ready Reckoner.

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