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Foster care, adoption, smoking and vaping

Jun 2022
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This briefing sets out the joint position of ASH, ASH Wales and The Fostering Network in relation to foster care, adoption, smoking and vaping (use of electronic cigarettes). It is intended to set out the current evidence base and aims to support organisations working with foster carers and adoptive parents to develop evidence based policies on smoking and e-cigarette use.

This briefing includes information on foster care and adoption. The recommendations for fostering providers have been reviewed and endorsed by The Fostering Network. The content for adoption providers has been developed with reference to guidance from CoramBAAF.

The risks of passive smoking to health, particularly children’s health, are well known. As an organisation that supports adults to care for children, The Fostering Network’s position is that adults in a caring role should not smoke. There may be exceptions where an existing relationship outweighs the health risks to the child, for example within kinship, family and friends care; in these circumstances a cessation plan should be in place to enable the best possible care for all children.

This briefing applies specifically to the legislative context in England and Wales but includes detail on the relevant legislation for all the UK nations.