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Press Release

ASH response to 'Councils call for ban of disposable vapes'

15 Jul 2023

“ASH is sympathetic to calls by the LGA and others to ban single-use disposable e-cigarettes,1 but the risk of unintended consequences is too great for us to support a ban. Children already find it easy to get hold of illegal vapes, as those selling them have no qualms selling to children, making them all illegal won’t help. The sale of illegal disposable vapes, already large and growing, will be turbo-charged if they are banned. Illegal vapes go under the regulatory radar, they’ve been found to contain all sorts of toxic chemicals banned in legal products, and there’s no way to ensure they’re properly recycled. That’s why ASH supports putting an excise tax on disposable vapes, which could make them much less affordable, while giving much greater powers to Border Force, HMRC and trading standards to control their import, distribution and sale, and to force vape companies to ensure they are properly recycled.”