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Health Policy

Economic and health inequalities dashboard

Nov 2023
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This resource, developed by ASH, brings together data and information to illustrate the impact on smoking on health inequalities. The dashboard can be adjusted to show the impact of smoking at national, regional and local level.


For a short guide (with screenshots) on how to unzip and use this type of calculator, read the instructions on the Ready Reckoner page.

If the Excel window says at the top that it’s in ‘Preview mode’ or ‘Read-Only’
Make sure you followed the instructions above for downloading the document. Opening an unsaved or zipped document means it may not function properly.

If there’s a red banner across the top of the Excel screen saying SECURITY RISK, or the document isn’t working as expected

The document works using macros, which are pieces of computer code. As it’s difficult to tell automatically whether they are designed to harm your computer, Windows and some IT systems might automatically block macros, which will stop the document from working. Try these tips:

  • Inside the Excel document go to File > Info. If there’s a red shield icon, click on it and set it to making it a ‘trusted document’
  • Close the document and open a new Excel document and try going to File > Options > Trust Centre > Trust Centre Settings > macro settings and select ‘disable all VBAs with notification’ or ‘disable all macros with notification’ (wording depends on excel version), and reopen the document.

The dashboard may not run properly on versions of Excel older than 2010, and some organisations blanket-block all macro-enabled Excel documents, so it may not be accessible to everyone.

If you’re not able to access the document, please email and we can send you screenshots of the data you need.