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Smoking and Dementia

Smoking is ranked third among nine modifiable risk factors for dementia and is linked to an estimated 14% of cases of Alzheimer’s disease worldwide. July 2019.

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Tobacco and the Developing World

Around 1.1 billion people aged 15 and over smoke, with 80% living in LMICs (low and middle income countries). Tobacco growing and consumption have become concentrated in the developing world where the health, economic, and environmental burden is heaviest and likely to increase. July 2019.

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ASH Research Report: Smoking and Peripheral Arterial Disease

This research report reviews the health consequences of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and reveals that quitting smoking is the best form of treatment. PAD is a type of vascular disease that affects the arteries. Smoking is the most important preventable risk factor for peripheral arterial disease. December 2017.

ASH Research Report: Smoking and Peripheral Arterial Disease (1934 downloads)

Smoking and Diabetes

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that smoking is an independent risk factor for diabetes and that among people with diabetes, smoking aggravates the risk of serious disease and premature death. November 2017.

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ASH Briefing: Health inequalities and smoking

This briefing explains why smoking is a major contributory factor and what can be done to reduce health inequalities caused by smoking. It examines the relationship between smoking and socio-economic status, and certain social groups such as people with mental health conditions, prisoners, looked-after children and ethnic minorities.

ASH Briefing: Health inequalities and smoking

UK Tobacco Control Policy and Expenditure: An overview

Health policy is largely formulated and implemented by the devolved administrations of each of the member countries of the United Kingdom. However, as tobacco falls within the remit of a number of different government departments: e.g. Treasury, Business, HMRC as well as Health, tobacco control policy is partly determined at UK-wide level and partly by the devolved administrations. The four nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have responsibility for their own smoking cessation and health education campaigns while UK-wide policy and law applies to taxation, smuggling, advertising, and consumer protection issues such as the provision of health warnings on tobacco packaging. Some of these measures are determined by European Union legislation.

UK Tobacco Control Policy and Expenditure: An overview

ASH response to consultation on Smoking Drinking & Drug use survey

ASH response to a HSCIC consultation on the Smoking Drinking & Drug use among young people survey.


Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy – A call to action

Smoking during pregnancy causes up to 2,200 premature births, 5,000 miscarriages and 300 perinatal deaths every year in the UK. This report, by a coalition of baby charities, campaigners, leading academics and health experts, outlines recommendations for commissioners, providers, royal colleges, government bodies, training organisations and third sector organisations.

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