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Cigarette Package Health Warnings – International Status Report

This report provides an international overview, ranking 205 countries/jurisdictions based on warning size, as well as listing those that have finalised requirements for picture warnings. Canadian Cancer Society, 5th ed. Oct. 2016






Regulation Description
United Kingdom
Government policy on international tobacco control
(External PDF)
Policy document – December 1998
This is the UK Department of Health’s policy White Paper, ‘Smoking Kills’, which deals with international aspects of tobacco policy.
Revised guidance to UK embassies
Updated guidance to take into account the UK’s obligations under the FCTC. This includes limiting interactions with the tobacco industry.
Guidance to UK embassies
Guidance produced by the government to overseas diplomatic posts around tobacco – exportation and importation. Instructions to UK embassy staff not to promote tobacco or attend tobacco sponsored events.
World Health Organisation
WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (Treaty)
(External Web Page)
The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) is the first global health treaty negotiated under the auspices of the World Health Organization. The FCTC was developed in response to the globalisation of the tobacco epidemic. It commits countries to implement a range of tobacco control measures such as a ban on tobacco advertising, protection of people from secondhand smoke, and the regulation of tobacco products.
European Union
European Commission Treaty Article 300
(External Web Page)
Cooperation rules of the European Union in international agreements.
Establishes rules requiring EU member states to co-operate in negotiating international agreements.
EU Treaty Article 11
(External PDF)
Common foreign policy and international co-operation.
North America
Tobacco Control Legal Consortium
(External Web Page)
Although based on US law, some of the issues covered are of relevance to other jurisdictions. This resource includes an overview of issues such as the regulations for ‘fire-safer’ cigarettes and legal options for people exposed to secondhand smoke in the home.

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Plain Packaging – An International Overview

A summary of developments around the world. Produced by the Canadian Cancer Society.  May 2016

Plain Packaging – An International Overview