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ASH Daily News for 15 August 2018


  • Opinion: Funders must be wary of industry alliances


  • France: Secondhand smoke puts children at risk of rheumatoid arthritis
  • US: Bloomberg targets big tobacco’s ‘underhanded tactics’


Opinion: Funders must be wary of industry alliances

In this piece, Linda Bauld – Professor of Health Policy and Deputy Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, tells us why grant making have to do more to stop corporate money from distorting science.

“Do you consider yourself a type A personality — ambitious and impatient? If so, you can thank the tobacco industry for that bit of self-knowledge. For decades, the cigarette companies Philip Morris International and R. J. Reynolds supported and promoted studies linking a driven personality to an increased risk of heart disease. The apparent motivation? To raise questions over smoking as a contributor. Subsequent research by scientists without funding from the tobacco industry did not link type A personalities to higher rates of disease or death.

Copious case studies document how industry influence can muddy research on the health impacts of soda, tobacco, fossil fuels and more, but researchers are largely unaware of this. It is time for research funders to integrate this information and consider vested interests as a force in the complex research system.”

Source: Nature 14 August 2018

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France: Secondhand smoke puts children at risk of rheumatoid arthritis

A new study which followed 98,995 French female volunteers from 1990 to the present day has found that children exposed to tobacco smoke are just as likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis as smokers. This 28-year study, by a team of French researchers, adds to the growing list of dangers secondhand poses to children.

Dr Boutron-Ruault, lead author of the study, said “These results also highlight the importance of children – especially those with a family history of this form of arthritis – avoiding secondhand smoke.”

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Source: Mail Online 15 August 2018

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US: Bloomberg targets Big Tobacco’s ‘underhanded tactics’

Michael Bloomberg, billionaire and former New York mayor, has given tobacco control organisations $20 million to assist their campaign against the tobacco industry, which aggressively markets its product worldwide, and especially in developing countries. The recipient organisations (based in France, England and Thailand) jointly secured the three-year grant to shine a light on industry-led sabotage of policies designed to reduce tobacco use.

For example tactics deployed by big tobacco in order to further expand its markets have included suing governments seeking to implement plain packaging for cigarettes, sponsoring cultural events or sports teams, and challenging the legality of smokefree zones.

Source: MedicalXpress 14 August 2018

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