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Smoking and Cancer

Smoking causes 16 different types of cancer and is the single biggest avoidable risk factor. July 2017.

04. Smoking and Cancer

Use of e-cigarettes among adults in Great Britain, 2018

This fact sheet reports the results of the ASH Smokefree GB surveys on the use of e-cigarettes among adults in Great Britain. ASH included questions on e-cigarette use in this annual survey starting in 2010 with questions addressed only to smokers.

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Economics of Tobacco

The costs of smoking to the economy include the expense of treating diseases caused by smoking as well as reduced productivity and environmental costs.  March 2017.


The Economics of Tobacco

The UK Tobacco Industry

British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco, the world’s second and fourth largest tobacco companies (excluding the Chinese state tobacco monopoly) are based in the UK.  Jan 2017.

The UK Tobacco Industry


Smoking and Mental Health

Higher smoking rates remain the single largest cause of the estimated 10-20 year reduced life expectancy for people with mental health conditions. December 2016.

Smoking and Mental Health



Smoking and Reproduction

Cigarette smoking can affect fertility in both women and men, sexual function in men, pregnant women’s health, the health of an unborn child, and the health of young children.  Dec. 2016.

07. Smoking and Reproduction

Smoking in cars

Levels of secondhand smoke in cars can be extremely high due to the restricted space in which the smoke is circulated.  August 2018

Smoking in cars

Tobacco Policy and the European Union

This fact sheet summarises tobacco control policy formulated by the European Union.  Aug. 2016.

20. Tobacco Policy and the European Union

Smoking and Meningococcal Disease

Exposure to tobacco smoke via both active and passive smoking has been shown to increase the risk of developing meningococcal disease.  July 2016

32. Smoking and Meningococcal Disease

Smoking Statistics

This fact sheet includes statistics on tobacco consumption and smoking related illness and death. November 2018.

Smoking Statistics 

Nicotine and Addiction

A comprehensive look at why and how nicotine is so addictive. This fact sheet examines the mental and physical aspects of nicotine addiction.  March 2018.

08. Nicotine and Addiction

Waterpipes (shisha)

This fact sheet focuses primarily on waterpipe use and regulation in the UK.   Oct 2015.

28. Waterpipes (shisha)

Tobacco and the Environment

From growing the tobacco plant to the disposal of butts and packaging, the whole life cycle of a cigarette takes a heavy toll on the environment.  Sept 2015.

22. Tobacco and the Environment

Young People and Smoking

Since the late 1990s smoking among 11-15 year olds has been steadily falling after two decades of little change. Children are more likely to smoke if their parents smoke and parental attitude to smoking is also an important factor. March 2018.

02. Young People and Smoking