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ASH Research Report: Impact of Secondhand smoke on Children

Although children’s exposure to secondhand smoke in the UK has fallen, around 4 million people still smoke in the presence of children. Educational campaigns are needed to raise awareness of the harmful effects of secondhand smoke on children.

Download the report here.

Laws Banning Smoking in Vehicles Carrying Children – International Overview

Laws prohibiting smoking in vehicles carrying children have been adopted in 10 Canadian provinces/territories, 7 Australian states/territories, 6 U.S. states, as well as South Africa, Mauritius, Bahrain, and Puerto Rico. A briefing  by the Canadian Cancer Society.  2014.



ASH Briefing on Tobacco Displays at the Point of Sale

Research shows that Point of Sale (PoS) display has a direct impact on young people’s smoking. In 2006, almost half (46%) of UK teenagers were aware of tobacco display at PoS and those professing an intention to smoke were more likely to recall brands that they had seen at the point of sale.

ASH Briefing on Tobacco Displays at the Point of Sale

ASH Briefing on Tobacco Vending Machines

The sale of tobacco products from vending machines became illegal in England from 1 October 2011. This briefing explains the background to the law and why it was introduced.

ASH Briefing on Tobacco Vending Machines

Inquiry into smoking in private vehicles – APPG Report

All Party Parliamentary Group on Smoking and Health report on smoking in private vehicles – November 2011


‘You’ve got to be kidding’

A compelling dossier of BAT’s activities in promoting its tobacco products to young people around the globe.

'You've got to be kidding'