Tobacco advertising ban is a huge victory for public health.

Tuesday 22 October 2002

ASH news release:  Immediate release:  Tuesday 22 October 2002


Tobacco advertising ban is a huge victory for public health


As the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion bill reached its final stages, [1] ASH said the measure marked a major step forward in the campaign to reduce smoking.    ASH Research Manager Amanda Sandford commented:


“This is a victory for public health.  The government is to be congratulated for putting the health of the nation firmly before the commercial interests of the tobacco industry. 

The measure is long overdue but we are delighted that at long last the UK will be joining the growing list of countries that have banned tobacco advertising and promotion. It is an important health measure that will save around 3,000 lives a year.”


Ms Sandford added that the ban will strengthen the call for international action to curb tobacco promotion.


“The ban should bolster the UK’s position in the current negotiations of the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control which, if successful,  will result in a global treaty on tobacco control.”  [2]








Contact:  Amanda Sandford:  020 7739 5902


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[1]  The Tobacco Advertising and Promotion bill completed its Third Reading on 21 October.  The bill now has to get Royal Assent and then becomes law.  There is a period of around 3 months before the law can be implemented which means that the first stages of the law should come into effect from early February 2003.


[2]  The fifth round of inter-governmental negotiations on the global treaty are currently underway in Geneva. For more information on the  Framework Convention see: