Smoking ban: Initial survey reveals high level of compliance and public support.

Saturday 04 August 2007


Smoking ban: Initial survey reveals high level of compliance and public support

As health groups predicted, England’s ban on smoking in indoor public places and workplaces has been a huge success with early data revealing that 97% of businesses have complied with the law.  Right across the country, shops, factories and pubs have enforced the smokefree law to the benefit of customers and employees.


The survey of local authorities commissioned by the Department of Health [1] found that in London,  a massive 99% of businesses were compliant within the first two weeks of the smokefree law coming into effect.  The South-West region had the lowest rate of compliance but even here 94% of businesses were upholding the law.


During the survey period just 45 written warnings were issued to individuals and only one fixed penalty notice was issued.


Amanda Sandford, Research Manager of the health campaigning charity ASH, said:


“This is a fantastic response.  As we predicted, the people of England have welcomed the smokefree law wholeheartedly.  It has been largely self-enforcing because it is what the vast majority of people want.   The smokefree law is working as intended: it is protecting people from toxic tobacco smoke and enabling people to work and socialise, free from the worst form of indoor air pollution.”




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[1]  The survey of enforcement authorities was conducted by Local Government Analysis & Research (LGAR) during the period 1-13 July. Enforcement authorities inspected a total of 88,899 premises and vehicles.


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