Response to letter of Paul Mason, Tobacco Alliance

Thursday 02 September 1999
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The Editor
The Grocer

Action on Smoking
and Health

7th October 1999

Dear Editor,

Re: Response to Letter of Paul Mason, Tobacco Alliance

In his letter (28 August) Mr Mason raises the fears of the tobacco industry over high rates of tobacco duty and disguises them as the concerns of the ‘retailers who need to be protected’.

Small retailers face a complex market. Out-of-town shopping centres, increased car ownership, ever changing consumer tastes and now the return of the supermarket chains to the local convenience market present far bigger challenges to the small retailer than a good health policy of levying high duty on tobacco products.

Camelot’s pledge to remove lottery ticket machines from dishonest retailers correctly treats smuggling as a criminal activity and supports this good health policy and the vast majority of honest law abiding retailers.


Karl Brookes
ASH Campaigns Manager


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