Regional press releases: Smoking and Poverty

17 October 2019

See below for regional press releases on the latest estimates of how many people are being pushed into poverty by tobacco addiction.

The national press release can be viewed here, and regional releases are below.

Yorkshire and the Humber: Ending smoking in Yorkshire and Humber could lift over 117,000 people out of poverty

North West: Ending smoking in the North West could lift over 127,000 people out of poverty

West Midlands: Ending smoking in the West Midlands could lift over 62,000 people out of poverty

East Midlands: Ending smoking in the East Midlands could lift over 86,000 people out of poverty

East of England: Ending smoking in the East of England could lift over 74,000 people out of poverty

London: Ending smoking in London could lift over 62,000 people out of poverty.

South East: Ending smoking in the South East could lift over 107,000 people out of poverty

South West: Ending smoking in the South West could lift over 43,000 people out of poverty

North East: Ending smoking in the North East could lift over 35,000 people out of poverty