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Tuesday 04 June 1996
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Press Release
4th June 1996

Action on Smoking
and Health

Philip Morris Campaign

Commenting on the Philip Morris campaignlaunched today, Pamela Furness, Chief Executive of ASH, said: “Philip Morris is inthe business of selling cigarettes. It is an aggressive marketer of its Marlboro brand andemploys internationally renown politicians to promote its products. This campaign is amarketing exercise, designed to increase its database of consumers, and thus to increasesales of its cigarettes.

“If people want the real facts about theharmful effects of active or passive smoking the last place they should go to is thetobacco industry. For years the industry has deceived its customers over the healtheffects of active smoking. Why should people now accept what they have to say aboutpassive smoking?

“It is vital that the public should beaccurately informed. But if people want facts rather than distortion they should come toASH.

“Nearly half of all children in the UK areexposed to passive smoking in the home. Passive smoking causes pneumonia and otherrespiratory diseases in children, especially infants. It is vital that people,particularly children, are protected from tobacco smoke.

“Adults can make decisions about the risksthey want to take as individuals. However, passive smoking does not respect personalboundaries and children have little choice in where they are taken. Consequently, they areoften forced to breathe in others’ tobacco smoke.

“Smokers and nonsmokers want to be able tobreathe clean air, unpolluted by tobacco smoke. Successive national and internationalsurveys have shown overwhelming support for restrictions and bans on smoking in publicplaces. A recent British NOP survey* found 80% of respondents were in favour of smokingrestrictions at work and 82% support restrictions in enclosed public places.”


Notes for editors: It has been reportedthat Baroness Thatcher is paid a retainer by Philip Morris to speak on behalf of thecompany in Far Eastern countries.

*The NOP data is from a report produced for theDepartment of Health conducted in November 1994 (unpublished).

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