Nicotine inhaler should be available on the NHS

Monday 15 December 1997

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Press release15 December 1997 ASH
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16 December 1997 

Nicotine Inhaler should be available on the NHS, says ASH

At the launch today of a new stop smoking aid, ASH renewed its call fornicotine replacement products to be made available on the NHS. ASH Director, Clive Bates,welcomed the new Nicorette Inhalator but argued that at least some of the cost should beborne by the NHS.

“This device is a useful addition to the other nicotinereplacement products on the market. Many smokers find it very hard to cope with thecravings associated with stopping smoking and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can helpthem overcome these withdrawal symptoms,” said Bates.

About 70 per cent of smokers want to give-up the habit but find itextremely hard to do so. In recent years, smoking has become increasingly concentratedamong people on low income. ASH believes that people on low income who need help instopping smoking should have access to NRT through the NHS. Clive Bates commented:

“For every pack of 20 cigarettes, smokers give back £2.40 to theGovernment in tax. Some of this money should be used to help people quit smoking.

“Providing nicotine replacement therapy through the NHS would beboth a cost effective and humanitarian policy. Poor smokers are more likely to be put offby the cost of NRT products. But if they were available at a subsidised rate to those onlow income, more people would stop smoking and more lives would be saved.”



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