New director takes charge at ASH

Wednesday 30 April 2003

ASH newsrelease: For immediate release 30th April 2003


New Directortakes charge at ASH


ASH, the UK’sleading anti-tobacco charity, today announced the appointment of Deborah Arnottas its new Director.


Arnott will head upthe charity which has a strong reputation as one of the most effectivecampaigning charities in the UK<spanstyle=’font-family:”arial narrow”‘=””>. Dedicated to tackling the terrible toll ofaddiction, disease and death caused by smoking it is at the forefront of thefight to protect people from the harmful effects of tobacco. Most recently itplayed a leading role in ensuring that the Government kept its commitment toban tobacco advertising after it was dropped from the 2001 Queen’s speech.


Previously Head ofConsumer Education for the Financial Services Authority, Arnott set up theFSA’s consumer education function from scratch, played a key role in thedevelopment of policy to protect consumers with endowment mortgages and wassuccessful in lobbying to get financial education into the school curriculum.She has a varied background including being the first female IndustrialRelations Officer at Triumph Cars, an MBA from Cranfield and experience as ajournalist both in print and television.  As a producer director and thenprogramme editor for London Weekend Television she developed and launched awide range of programmes including ‘DOSH’ for Channel 4 and ‘Most Wanted’ forITV.


Arnott said, “Theadvertising ban is a major achievement but we can’t afford to rest on ourlaurels. There’s a long way to go before ASH achieves its aim of eliminatingthe health problems caused by tobacco.  We need to ensure that the advertisingban is effective and isn’t circumvented by alternative promotional methods.  Andwe need to ensure people are protected from the harmful effects of secondhandsmoke.   More than 3 million people are still exposed to tobacco smoke at workin the UK<spanstyle=’font-family:”arial narrow”‘=””> and passive smoking causes at least threetimes as many deaths in the workplace as other occupational hazards.


Donald Reid, Chairof ASH’s Board of Trustees said,   “Deborah’s experience in campaigning, the mediaand communications will prove invaluable. Her dynamism and drive to deliverwill ensure that ASH plays a key role in the fight against Big Tobacco”


Arnott starts hernew post on May 6th.



Notes to Editors

<spanstyle=’font-family:”arial narrow”‘=””>1.      Deborah Arnott isavailable for interview. Contact Amanda Sandford 020 7739 5902. ISDN lineavailable.

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<spanstyle=’font-family:”arial narrow”‘=””>3.      ASH (Action on Smokingand Health) is a campaigning public health charity working for a comprehensivesocietal response to tobacco, with the ultimate aim of achieving a sharpreduction and eventual elimination of the health problems caused by smoking.