Green campaigner & marketing specialist takes charge at ASH

Monday 16 June 1997
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ASH News Release – 16 June 1997

Green campaigner and marketing specialist to take charge at ASH

The new Director of ASH, Action on Smoking and Health, has started work. Clive Bates joins ASH just as the political temperature surrounding tobacco control policy is rising sharply. He comes to ASH having previously worked for Greenpeace as a campaigner and the computer company, IBM, as a marketing specialist.

Bates is enthusiastic about the role; “It’s a great time to be coming in. The new Government really wants to do something about the 300 deaths every day from tobacco-related disease. We want to push the tobacco control agenda as far as possible – for the first time in years, real progress looks likely”.

The Government has agreed to ban advertising and sponsorship and promised to publish a White Paper on its plans for tobacco control. ASH will be campaigning for Britain to become the world leader in tobacco control policies including: sustained increases in tobacco taxes, nicotine addiction treatment on the NHS, the right to smoke-free air in public and at work, a serious anti-smoking PR offensive aimed at the young and low-income groups, raising the minimum age for tobacco sales, clamping down on illegal sales, ending duty-free and ambitious targets for reducing smoking.

“The advertising and sponsorship bans are great news and will save lives. But there is still lot’s to do to stop the carnage caused by smoking” says Bates.

Notes: Biographical detail

Clive Bates, age 36, was born in Manchester in 1961. He attended Wilmslow Grammar School and Emmanual College, Cambridge where he took a degree in Engineering. He joined IBM in 1983 and worked in marketing for 8 years, specialising in marketing large-scale computer systems and analysis of competitors. In 1991 he left IBM to make a career change, and took a Masters in Environmental and Energy Policy at Imperial College. 1n 1992, he started work for Greenpeace, specialising in energy, global warming and ozone protection, though also working as a lobbyist across a wide range of environmental concerns – including the Brent Spar and French nuclear testing. In 1996 he left Greenpeace to join an international campaign organisation, IIEC, working in Eastern Europe and lobbying in the Climate Convention. He lives in Stoke Newington and enjoys mountaineering and good food.

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Clive Bates, Director (020) 7739 5902
Amanda Sandford, Communications Director (020) 7739 5902