Former Health Minister Kenneth Clarke joins BAT Board – shame on him says ASH

Thursday 16 October 1997

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Press release22 October 1997 ASH
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Former Health Minister Kenneth Clarke joins BAT Board – he should be ashamed of himself, says ASH


According to the World Health Organisation, tobacco kills 3 million people per year world-wide, and 1 million of these are in developing countries. By the mid 2020s this will increase to 10 million, of which 7 million will be in developing countries – notably China. The big growth is in developing countries as cigarette consumption declines in North America and Western Europe. BAT is a British tobacco multinational aggressively entering ‘emerging markets’ in developing countries. It recently bought the Mexican cigarette maker, CLM and has extensive interests in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

“Clarke’s move again reveals the last government’s cosy links with the tobacco industry. You could call it sleaze, but BAT’s business boils down to addicting and killing thousands of people in the third world. As a former Health Secretary, Clarke should be ashamed of himself.” said Clive Bates, Director of ASH.

Clarke joins the former Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong on the BAT Industries board.

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