First sex warnings on cigarettes in Thailand

Wednesday 28 October 1998

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28th October 1998
Action on Smoking
and Health

First sex warnings go on cigarettes (in Thailand)

Newspaper excerpt
Bangkok Post
By Aphaluck Bhatisevi

Thailand will be the first country in the world to have “cigarette smoking causessexual impotence” printed on the side of cigarette packets. The new warnings comeinto effect on November 5. Under a new ministerial announcement issued under the 1992Tobacco Products Control Act, tobacco manufacturers will also have to print biggerwarnings across one third of the top of both the front and back of cigarette packets. Thewording has to be in white on a black background.

Clive Bates, Director of ASH, welcomed thepioneering Thai initiative and said these warnings should be used here in Britain:”In the same way that smoking shrivels and hardens the blood vessels around theheart, it can damage other important organs. All those sexy tobacco adverts and smokingfilm stars may be diverting attention from something rather sad and embarrassing.”

The European Commission is currentlyconsidering proposals to make warnings on cigarettes more prominent and more explicit. ASHyesterday released research showing that wanings in the UK are ineffective (see <ahref=”http:”” “=””> under ‘press’).




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