Chancellor heeds health calls on cigarettes

Tuesday 26 November 1996
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Press Release

26th November 1996

Action on Smoking
and Health

Chancellor heeds health callson cigarettes

Commenting on the tax increases on tobaccoannounced in today’s Budget, Karen Williams of tobacco control lobby group ASH said:

“This is a good day for public health inthe UK. It is very encouraging that the Chancellor has heeded calls by healthorganisations and is continuing the Government’s commitment of raising tobacco taxes by atleast 3 per cent in real terms. By increasing the price by 15p, approximately 2700 liveswill be saved in the long run as a result of the expected fall in consumption.

“However, there is no room forcomplacency. Children’s smoking rates are increasing and the Government must do much moreif it is to tackle this growing problem. Tobacco kills over 111,000 people each year inthe UK. This significant public health concern requires a comprehensive range of policiesif it is to be effectively addressed. A ban on tobacco advertising and promotion is vitalas it would further enhance the effect of the price increases announced by theChancellor.”


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