Briefing for picture editors: Standardised Packaging of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

Tuesday 24 June 2014

front                         back

PLEASE NOTE: Standardised packs are NOT plain white packs
They are legally required to carry graphic and text health warnings as above

Standardised packaging will be required to carry EU mandated health warnings as set out in the EU Tobacco Products Directive and will also be required to carry the brand name in standard font.

See for the TPD in full:

·         the health warnings on the front and back and any outside packaging must be 65% of the total area [Article 10.1.(c)]

·         Health warnings on the front and back must be at the top of the pack and include picture and text warnings as required by the Directive.

·         Text messages on front and back have been revised for full list see appendix 1 on page 34 of the Directive. Text messages on the front and back also need to include smoking cessation information [Article 10 1. (b)]

·          All health warnings (both on front and back and lateral surfaces) must be surrounded by a black border of a width of 1mm inside the surface area.  [Article 8.6]

·         The tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide yields on the sides of packs have been replaced by health warnings on the bottom part of the lateral sides of the packs with a width of not less than 20 mm and a height not less than 16mm to cover 50% of the surfaces on which they’re printed [Article 9 3.] and printed in black Helvetica bold type on a white background (Article 9 4.(a)a general warning on one side which is ‘Smoking Kills – quit now’ [Article 9  1.] on one side and an information message on the other ‘Tobacco smoke contains over 70 substances known to cause cancer’. [Article 9 2.]

·          Other information required on the pack is proof that tax has been paid and overt (and covert) markings as proof of authenticity.

The colour used on the sample pack shown in this Briefing is that required by the Australian legislation: Pantone 448C.