ASH welcomes new Cancer Plan’s commitment to tackle smoking.

Monday 03 December 2007

ASH today welcomed the Government’s ongoing commitment to tackling smoking as crucial to prevention in its new Cancer Plan. ASH is very pleased that Dr Mike Richards, the National Cancer Director has placed so much emphasis on the importance of prevention as a means of reducing deaths from cancer. Smoking accounts for about one third of cancer deaths and so measures to reduce smoking prevalence will have a direct impact on cutting both the incidence of cancer and mortality rates.

Deborah Arnott, Director of the health campaigning charity ASH, said:

“Smoking remains the single, biggest cause of cancer. Although recent policies such as smokefree legislation in public places will help to reduce smoking, much more still needs to be done if the Government is to achieve its targets of reducing the cancer burden. Today’s announcement is encouraging as it recognises that tackling smoking is the most effective means of preventing cancer.”