ASH welcomes law change for sale of tobacco but enforcement will be the key to its success.

Monday 01 October 2007

ASH today welcomed the raising of the minimum age for the purchase of tobacco from 16 to 18. This measure puts tobacco in line with the law on alcohol sales.

ASH Research Manager, Amanda Sandford, said:

“This is a positive measure and will help reinforce the message that tobacco is extremely hazardous to health and that its use by young people should be avoided. The younger a person starts to smoke, the greater the health risk. People who start smoking at a young age also find it harder to quit.

“The law change will make it more difficult for young teenagers to purchase tobacco but the key to its success will be proper enforcement. It is imperative that retailers fully comply with the law and that enforcement officers make frequent checks on premises selling tobacco. “


Contact:  Amanda Sandford  Tel 020 7739 5902  ISDN available.

For further background information see: ASH media briefing on the raising of the minimum age for the sale of tobacco on 1 October 2007.