ASH launches new offensive to bring down the tobacco industry

Monday 15 July 1996
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Press Release

15th July 1996

Action on Smoking
and Health

ASH relaunches with newcampaign to put tobacco industry out of business

ASH launches a new offensive today attacking thetobacco industry – undermining its commercial viability and exposing its dirty tricks.

Under the new title, ASH – The Campaign forFreedom from Tobacco, the call goes out today to encourage smokers to sue the tobaccoindustry for failing to warn them about the dangers of smoking.

Pamela Furness, chief executive of ASH,comments:

“We are relaunching ASH today with a pledgeto devote ourselves to hound the tobacco industry out of business by every means at ourdisposal.

“For too long now, the tobacco industry hasbought respectability simply by the power its international wealth can bring. But thesigns are that the economic performance of the tobacco giants is crumbling around theworld. Investors have lost confidence in tobacco investments for financial as well asethical reasons.

“We hope that the Legal Aid Board willgrant legal aid later this week to hundreds of smokers who want to sue the tobaccoindustry for all the damage it has done to their health in the last 30 years.

“Whatever decision the Board takes, we willcampaign to encourage anyone who has a case to sue tobacco companies for the damage theyhave done.

“We intend to expose how the tobaccoindustry has consistently and systematically withheld facts from its customers and how ithankers after respectability using its wealth to buy friends.

“ASH is sharpening its teeth to campaignfor legislation across the board to control and curb smoking – whether it be a ban onadvertising and sponsorship, legal controls on smoking in public places or preventing theillegal sales of cigarettes to children.

“With more and more young people taking upsmoking, we run the risk of allowing another generation to be blighted by the perniciousproducts of the tobacco industry.

“I pledge today that ASH, The Campaign forFreedom from Tobacco, will do all in its power to avoid that disaster and fight thetobacco industry with every means at its disposal.”



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