1.3 million smokers quit for the millennium

Wednesday 01 December 1999

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Smoking Control Network Press Release
1st December 1999
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Action on Smoking
and Health

1.3 million smokers to quit for the Millennium

Health charities are predicting that an unprecedentednumber of smokers will be trying to quit smoking for the Millennium. Calls toQuitline®,(0800 00 22 00) already the busiest smokers’ helpline in the world, are up by29% this year and it is expected that the Millennium will produce a tidal wave of at least1.3 million quit attempts.

Experts from The Smoking Control Network, whosemembers include many of Britain’s top health charities dealing with smoking relateddiseases, agree that smokers improve their chances of quitting if they have support whilsttrying to stop. Recent research presented at the International Quitlines Conferencerevealed that 22% (50,000 callers) had stopped smoking 12 months after speaking to aQuitline counsellor.

Notes to the editor

Smoking Control Network members include: The Cancer Research Campaign, Imperial CancerResearch Fund, British Heart Foundation, British Lung Foundation, The Stroke Association,the British Dental Association, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain andQUIT®. The Network is supported by an educational grant from SmithKline Beecham whichmarkets a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) patch.


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