ASH Daily news for 28 January 2015



  • Vouchers ‘boost quit rates’ in pregnant smokers
  • 100 Tory MPs to fight plain packaging on cigarettes
  • Worst youth smoking areas revealed
  • We’ll let smokers light up in pubs again, says Ukip
  • Warrington: Culture secretary admits e-cigs concern and asks if Wolfie’s ‘pulling his weight’
  • US: Surgeon general: ‘Desperate need of clarity’ on e-cigarettes
  • California: Lawmaker pushing for ban on e-cigarettes in public places
  • China: Ad campaign includes ruesome footage of a smoker’s blackened lungs

    Vouchers ‘boost quit rates’ in pregnant smokers

    Offering shopping vouchers worth a total of £400 to pregnant smokers makes them more likely to quit the habit, say researchers.

    They have published the results of a trial involving 600 women from Glasgow in the British Medical Journal.

    More than 20% of the women offered vouchers stopped smoking, compared with 9% given normal NHS support alone.

    Hazel Cheeseman, director of policy at ASH, said there was a case for rolling out incentives more widely.

    She said: “Women who continue to smoke while pregnant are heavily addicted and need all the help they can get. Smoking in pregnancy carries a significant burden of death and disability, if this research is found to work for other women in pregnancy it would certainly be worth rolling out more widely.”

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    Source: BBC News – 28 January 2015

    100 Tory MPs to fight plain packaging on cigarettes

    Up to 100 Tory MPs are planning to vote against Government plans to force tobacco companies to sell cigarettes in plain packaging, claims the Telegraph.

    In a move that will cause embarrassment for Prime Minister David Cameron weeks ahead of the general election, the paper claims scores of Conservative MPs will vote against the plans.

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    Source: Telegraph – 27 January 2015

    Worst youth smoking areas revealed

    Kingston upon Hull has been highlighted as among the worst areas in the country for smoking rates among young people, according to new research.

    Hartlepool (15.87%), Gateshead (15.92%), Plymouth (15.93%), South Tyneside (16.27%) and Kingston upon Hull (16.68%) have been identified as having high rates of youth smoking. Nationally an estimated 12.71% of 15-year-olds are regular or occasional smokers, but the data shows considerable variation between areas, according to the researchers.

    Areas with the lower estimates were concentrated in Greater London, including Harrow (5.15%), Newham (5.37%), Redbridge (5.68%) and Brent (5.70%).

    The study was commissioned by Public Health England and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice), and was created using modelling provided by the universities of Portsmouth and Southampton.

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    Source: Yorkshire Post – 28 January 2015

    We’ll let smokers light up in pubs again, says Ukip

    Ukip would overturn the smoking ban as one of its election pledges, the party has announced.
    Nigel Farage’s party promised to “amend the smoking ban to promote choice for ventilated smoking rooms”, and also set out its opposition to standardised plain cigarette packaging.

    The party released 100 promises to mark the 100-day countdown to the general election on May 7.

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    Source: The Times – 28 January 2015

    Warrington: Culture secretary admits e-cigs concern and asks if Wolfie’s ‘pulling his weight’

    During a visit to the Warrington Wolves Stadium, the Secretary of State for culture, media and sport admitted the controversial issue of e-cigarettes must be ‘monitored’.

    On Friday, the day Warrington Wolves reversed their decision to allow fans to smoke in the stands at the ground, MP Sajid Javid remained defiant that the matter cannot be taken lightly.

    “I think the important thing when it comes to issues like that, the really important issues of health, you always need to be driven by the evidence,” he said.

    “E-cigarettes have really taken off in last 2-3 years so the important thing is to keep monitoring it and look at the evidence.”

    [includes audio]

    Source: Warrington Guardian – 27 January 2015

    US: Surgeon general: ‘Desperate need of clarity’ on e-cigarettes

    Public health officials are “in desperate need of clarity” on electronic cigarettes to help guide policies, the nation’s newly appointed surgeon general said.

    Dr Vivek Murthy expressed worry regarding e-cigarettes because he said there are many unanswered questions about their health impacts, specifically their contents, and if they are ultimately a gateway to traditional smoking. He also noted the rapid growth in use of e-cigarettes among both adults and children.

    Source: Medical Xpress – 27 January 2015

    California: Lawmaker pushing for ban on e-cigarettes in public places

    A state senator is pushing for a ban on using electronic cigarettes in public places in California.

    A bill by Democratic San Francisco Sen. Mark Leno would classify the devices that heat liquid nicotine into vapor as tobacco products similar to cigarettes. That would prohibit Californians from vaping in restaurants, buses, hospitals and other places they cannot smoke.

    Source: CBS Sacramento – 27 January 2015

    China: Ad campaign includes ruesome footage of a smoker’s blackened lungs

    A series of gruesome videos of damaged lungs has recently been released as part of an anti-smoking campaign.

    The footage was aired on Chinese television channel CCTV, warning long-term smokers and passive smokers of the dangers of tobacco smoke.

    The short clips show a close up of lungs which have been blackened by mould-like spots.

    [includes video]

    Source: Mail Online – 28 January 2015