ASH Daily News for 19 October 2018


  • Yorkshire: Wakefield’s Pinderfields Hospital using loudspeaker to highlight smokefree policy
  • Young Smokers study in Southampton


  • German drug commissioner criticises tobacco advertising

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  • The E-cigarette summit 2018


Yorkshire: Wakefield’s Pinderfields Hospital using loudspeaker to highlight smokefree policy

People smoking outside Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield are being encouraged not to smoke by pre-recorded messages played through a loudspeaker. Staff, visitors and patients can activate the messages if they see people smoking in a no smoking area.

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, which manages Pinderfields introduced a no smoking policy across all its sites in March.

Iain Brodie, general manager of facilities at the trust, said: “We’ve introduced the system because it’s vital we take every possible step to discourage smoking. Patients and visitors, including newborn babies and those arriving by ambulance, often have to pass through cigarette smoke at our hospital entrances, which is totally unacceptable.”

Source: BBC, 18 October 2018

Editorial Note: The Trust has a comprehensive smokefree policy which includes provision of support to help smokers to quit. According to pro-smoking group Forest’s website the majority of their money “is donated by UK-based tobacco companies.”

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Young Smokers study in Southampton

Researchers in Southampton have launched a national study which aims to identify exactly when lung health starts to decline in young adult smokers. The British Lung Foundation funded project is being led by the National Institute for Health Research at Southampton University in collaboration with Imperial College Healthcare Trust.

It’s hope the results from the study will help researchers develop preventative treatments for COPD, which is the second most common form of lung disease in the UK and is closely linked to smoking. The study will involve monitoring the lung function of smokers aged between 30 and 45 over a three year period.

Bethany Armstead, respiratory research sister at the NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre, said: “This study has the potential to be very important in advancing our knowledge about how smoking changes lung function pre-COPD. It is also a great opportunity to utilise current public engagement with the Stoptober campaign and participants will also receive support to help them try to stop smoking, so we are hopeful we can obtain useful information while also helping people to quit along the way should they wish.”

Source: Southern Daily Echo, 19 October 2018

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German drug commissioner criticises tobacco advertising

The Commissioner on Narcotic Drugs at the Federal Ministry of Health, Marlene Mortler, has called for a ban on outdoor advertising for cigarettes and tobacco, arguing that nicotine represents the country’s biggest substance risk.

In the latest report on drugs and addiction in Germany the commissioner explicitly stressed the harms of nicotine addiction and tobacco smoking. Germany is the only country in the EU that allows outdoor tobacco advertising.

The commissioner told reporters: “We can’t relax when we have 120,000 tobacco-related deaths every year. 120,000 deaths mean 120,000 cases of great suffering, and public costs of up to €100 billion… Because we know prevention is effective, we shouldn’t go only halfway. That’s why we need a ban on outdoor advertising for tobacco. People who smoke reduce their life expectancy by 10 years. No other legal product is so harmful no matter how it’s used.”

Source: Deutsche Welle, 18 October 2018

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The E-cigarette summit 2018

The Royal Society is hosting the 6th annual E-cigarette Summit in London on the 15th of November. The event is chaired by Professor Ann McNeil and will provide a useful update on the latest research and policy issues relating to e-cigarettes.

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