ASH Daily News for 16 January 2020


  • Moving public health away from NHS a success, finds report
  • JTI launches menthol cigarillo


  • USA: Juul scales back overseas expansion
  • USA: Michael Bloomberg vows to ban flavoured e-cigarettes and raise taxes on tobacco


Moving public health away from NHS a success, finds report

Public health can have the biggest “influence and impact” on decisions that affect the health of the population from within local government rather than the NHS, according to a new review. The report, published on Monday 13th January, said the transition of public health from the NHS to councils since 2013 has been broadly successful, but added that directors of public health are having more influence on approaches to children’s services and social care than other key areas, such as economic development and planning.

The review by David Buck, senior fellow, public health and inequality at the King’s Fund, was commissioned by the Local Government Association. He said directors of public health are increasingly working beyond their core responsibilities for commissioning services through the public health grant and are influencing policy at both local and regional level. However, he highlighted some fragmentation of commissioning, mostly affecting those services interlinked with the NHS, such as sexual health and drug and alcohol services.

Mr Buck called for stronger joint commissioning of these services between local government and the NHS which, alongside pooled budgets and “rewards sharing”, would help address an “incentive trap” where “pay offs” from successful innovation by councils largely benefit the NHS.

Source: HSJ, 15 January 2020

See also: David Buck. The English local government public health reforms. The King’s Fund. January 2020.

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JTI launches menthol cigarillo

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has launched Sterling Dual Capsule Leaf Wrapped – a new King Size Cigarillo containing a mentholated capsule in the filter, which smokers can click to release a peppermint flavour. Sterling Dual Capsule Leaf Wrapped has an RSP of £4.50 and 10 pack size.

Menthol flavours will be banned from e-cigarettes and hand rolled tobacco from 20th May 2020, but cigarillos will not be covered.

Source: Scottish Local Retailer, 15 January 2020

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USA: Juul scales back overseas expansion

Juul Labs Inc told staff this week that it may exit the South Korean market and postponed its planned launch in New Zealand, as the troubled e-cigarette company scales back its expansion outside the US. The company pushed to enter new markets last year, but in the rush to expand, made missteps that resulted in embarrassing setbacks, according to current and former employees.

Attempting to improve relationships with regulators at home and abroad, the company’s new CEO, K.C. Crosthwaite, is taking a more methodical approach, a Juul official said. He wants to get clarity on e-cigarette policy before launching in a country rather than afterward, the official said.

“We must earn the trust of society by listening to and working cooperatively with regulators [and] public health officials”, a Juul spokesman said. “We have therefore been reviewing how best to reset local operations and making adjustments on a case-by-case basis.”

Source: Wall Street Journal, 15 January 2020

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USA: Michael Bloomberg vows to ban flavoured e-cigarettes and raise taxes on tobacco

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg vowed on Wednesday 15th January to ban all flavoured e-cigarettes and move to reduce tobacco and nicotine. The former New York City mayor said the move was necessary to protect children who he says are targeted by tobacco companies with products designed to attract them.

Bloomberg released a new television advertisement criticising the Trump administration’s e-cigarette policy. He said he would direct the Food and Drug Administration to prohibit the sale of all flavoured e-cigarettes and all menthol-flavoured tobacco products, raise the federal cigarette tax by $1 per pack and increase taxes on other products like cigars and chewing tobacco.

Source: Bloomberg News, 15 January 2020

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