ASH Daily news for 02 February 2015



  • Bristol trials smoke-free zones in two public squares
  • Cigarette and chewing gum companies urged to help with national spring clean
  • Pubs and cafés ‘stubbing out pavement smoking’
  • Ireland: E-cigarettes could be banned in bars under new law
  • IRA smugglers behind Aussie cigarette racket
  • Australia: Liberals gain $70,000 from tobacco firms

    Bristol trials smoke-free zones in two public squares

    Two city squares in Bristol have become Britain’s first major public outdoor spaces to go smoke-free after a voluntary pilot launched.

    The initiative comes into effect today in Millennium Square and Anchor Square on Bristol’s Harbourside.

    Smokefree South West, which initiated the voluntary pilot, expects the scheme to police itself.

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    Source: BBC News – 02 February 2015

    Cigarette and chewing gum companies urged to help with national spring clean

    Chewing gum companies and fast food outlets should help clean the country’s streets as part of a first ever “national spring clean” to rid areas of litter, ministers have said.

    Kris Hopkins, a minister at the Department for Communities and Local Government, said the companies could help the Government on the first ever community clear up day in seven weeks’ time.

    It also emerged that Mr Hopkins and his ministerial colleague Dan Rogerson have written to the Chancellor George Osborne to urge him to force tobacco companies to pay for cleaning up cigarette butts and packets, which account for nearly a third of street litter.

    Source: Telegraph – 30 January 2015

    Pubs and cafés ‘stubbing out pavement smoking’

    Pubs, café chains and private members’ clubs are increasingly enforcing bans outside their businesses after customer complaints.

    Some branches of the sandwich chain Pret A Manger do not allow customers to smoke outside their premises and some Wetherspoon pubs have been asking customers to stop smoking in front of its entrances.

    Eddie Gershon, the chain’s spokesman, said: “We had some customer feedback that smokers blocking entrances was sometimes intimidating.”

    Another pub chain, Walkabout, banned smoking around its entrances four years ago. Cigarette bins outside its premises have been moved because customers found smokers “off-putting”.

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    Source: The Times – 31 January 2015

    Ireland: E-cigarettes could be banned in bars under new law

    Electronic cigarettes could be banned from bars, restaurants and workplaces and made illegal for under-18s, under proposed new laws in Ireland.

    Like any other tobacco products they would also be subject to bans on advertising and sponsorship,

    Two senators have introduced the bill to tighten regulations on e-cigarettes in the Republic of Ireland.

    They are already banned in hospitals and health centres.

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    Source: BBC News – 30 January 2015

    IRA smugglers behind Aussie cigarette racket

    The multi-million euro IRA cigarette smuggling ring busted by Spanish police at New Year had linked up with Malaysian-based racketeers supplying illicit tobacco to the Australian market.

    Source: Sunday Independent – 01 February 2015

    Australia: Liberals gain $70,000 from tobacco firms

    The Liberal Party received $70,000 in donations from tobacco firm Philip Morris in the past financial year, with one contribution dated after a ban was imposed.

    Pior to the September 2013 federal election the Liberal-National coalition faced pressure from Labor and the Greens to rule out accepting money from cigarette makers.

    The then opposition leader Tony Abbott, a former health minister, declared on August 21 of that year tobacco industry funding was no longer welcome in his party.

    Until that point, the Liberals had received more than $2.1 million over a decade from the two major tobacco companies.

    But the Australian Electoral Commission, which on Monday published released the 2013/14 list of donations to political parties, revealed that the Liberal Party [Abbott’s party], the Liberal Democrats and the Nationals have accepted donations from Philip Morris in 2014.

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    Source: Gold Coast Bulletin – 02 February 2015