Costs of smoking to social housing: The quitting dividend for tenants and landlords


The quitting dividend for tenants and landlords explores the financial impact of smoking on social housing landlords and tenants. It finds that:

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  • Over half a million social housing tenants are living in poverty due to smoking


  • On average, tobacco costs social tenants who smoke £2,600 per year – over £50 per week


  • For social tenants who smoke and are in rent arrears, quitting smoking would allow their arrears to be cleared in an average of nine weeks



Costs of smoking in social housing calculator

The cost calculator home page

Alongside the briefing, ASH is publishing a cost calculator for local authorities and housing providers.


This calculator allows housing providers to estimate the number of households in their local area or housing stock who would need to be supported to quit in order to balance their total rental arrears.



More information…

Take a look at ASH’s guest blog post on the National Housing Federation’s website on the Quitting Dividend for Tenants and Landlords, and these great case studies exemplifying the action local authorities can take to eliminate smoking-related inequalities in housing.

See ASH’s 2018 report, Smoking in the home: New solutions for a smokefree generation, for more information on the need for comprehensive action across the housing sector to reduce the harm caused by smoking in the home.