Presentations and slide packs

ASH presentations and powerpoint briefings

APPG on Smoking and Health 2019 report – An overview of the recommendations made in the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Smoking and Health’s 2019 report Delivering the vision of a ‘Smokefree Generation’, with a  focus on recommendations which would have a direct impact on local authorities across England. This briefing sets out why each recommendation is needed, wanted and workable.


Customisable slide packs

ASH has put together a variety of slide packs for you to use and adapt for use when talking about tobacco control. If you would like any further information about these packs, or how they can be used, please email

Detailed slide pack
A set of over 20 detailed slides on tobacco issues. The slides are designed for easy inclusion of local data as you compose your own presentations.

Short presentation
A 5-10 minute presentation to give to key local opinion leaders on your councils.

Tobacco control for local authorities
A slide deck to show how local authorities can make use of diminishing resources. Taken from the Faculty of Public Health Conference in June 2017.

Making the case for mental health

A set of over 20 slides on smoking and mental health. These slides are designed so you can use them in creating local presentations.