Contact us – if you were a tobacco company employee

Were YOU a tobacco company employee who became an addicted smoker as a result of being given free cigarettes by your employer? Do you now have a serious disease caused by your smoking? If so, please contact us by email on or on 0207 404 0242.

Shocking new evidence is emerging of how tobacco manufacturers in the UK for many years handed out free cigarettes to their employees, while publicly denying that smoking tobacco was an addictive habit. Simon Neale received thousands of free cigarettes a month from the tobacco industry and is now seriously ill with cancer. Solicitors Leigh Day are now examining Mr Neale’s case with a view to commencing legal action against the BAT group of which Rothmans is now part.

Please send us your story along with any contact details you’re happy for us to use to get in touch (include email address, phone etc). There is an email template available for download if you would like help sharing your story.

ASH will keep a record of what you tell us about your experiences and the contact details you share so we can get in touch. We will only contact you about your experiences relevant to this issue.


Call: 0207 404 0242

NB Solicitors Leigh Day are working on this issue. For further information, you can visit:  or email:   You are under no obligation to choose Leigh Day and you can if you wish contact  other lawyers.