Use of e-cigarettes among adults in Great Britain, 2020

This fact sheet provides a detailed analysis of adult attitudes and behaviour with respect to e-cigarettes and how they have changed over time. The data are taken from an annual survey, Smokefree GB, carried out for ASH by YouGov. The survey first started asking about e-cigarette use in 2010 and this update includes the results […]

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Young People and Smoking

Since the late 1990s smoking among 11-15 year olds has been steadily falling after two decades of little change. Children are more likely to smoke if their parents smoke and parental attitude to smoking is also an important factor. September 2019. Download here.                    

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Tobacco and Ethnic Minorities

Smoking rates vary considerably between ethnic groups and within groups they vary by gender. August 2019. Download here.                    

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Use of e-cigarettes among young people in Great Britain, 2019

This fact sheet examines evolving youth use of e-cigarettes in Great Britain in the context of changes in the regulation of e-cigarettes, and use of tobacco among adults and children. June 2019. Download here.                    

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Smoking Statistics

This fact sheet includes statistics on tobacco consumption and smoking-related illness and death. April 2020. Download here.              

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Facts at a glance

This fact sheet covers some of the main statistics you need to know about smoking, with a focus on the UK and particularly England. September 2018. Download here.                  

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