Housing engagement resources

Below you will find the first of ASH’s resources supporting public health teams to engage with partners in the housing sector. 

For any general queries or support on using the resources to engage housing partners, e-mail: admin@smokefreeaction.org.uk

Tobacco control and housing: A case for action from both sides

This short, two-sided briefing sets out the case for collaboration between tobacco control and housing in a concise and clear way.

It demonstrates that public health and housing partners have overlapping aims, which each can support the other to deliver. 

This briefing can be used to make the case to colleagues in public health and as an initial briefing tool when first engaging housing partners.

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Smoking in the Home: A case for action adaptable slide pack

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A set of slides for you to use when engaging partners around tobacco control and housing. 

The slides include detailed notes and information on where to find further resources. The slides are adaptable so that you can personalise the presentation to your local area. 

These slides provide a good foundation and structure for presenting to partners on smoking in the home and the need for action and you are free to adapt them however you need.

Achieving a Smokefree Generation for Every Home

This allows an organisation to make a public display and commitment to addressing smoking in the home and the harm it causes. 

Getting an organisation to sign Achieving a Smokefree Generation for Every Home can serve as a useful starting point for further collaboration between them and public health partners by clearly setting out expectations and actions.

This is not a national pledge and is not intended to be uniform for every signatory. Rather, this is a locally adaptable document which you can and should personalise with your local vision and with any additional actions or commitments the signatory will take forward. 

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Signing Achieving a Smokefree Generation for Every Home is a great way to raise the profile of tobacco control locally and within the signatory organisation – communications and media opportunities should be taken full advantage of.

For more information on local communications, take a look at the Communications section of the Local Alliances Roadmap.

For support using any of the above resources, please e-mail admin@smokefreeaction.org.uk