ASH comment on the British American Tobacco and McLaren Partnership

ASH comment on the British American Tobacco and McLaren Partnership

Responding to the BAT and McLaren’s new partnership Hazel Cheeseman, Director of Policy at ASH says:


“Tobacco branding on formula 1 cars was ubiquitous until it was banned, as all tobacco advertising was over ten years ago now, because it was shown to cause children to take up smoking. While tobacco companies may say that this time it’s different, it’s hard to credit that BAT is part of creating a ‘better tomorrow’ while they continue to aggressively market their cigarettes wherever they can. As with PMI, who are currently being investigated by the Australian authorities in relation to their sponsorship of Ferrari, it seems tobacco companies are determined to push the limits of regulation with their marketing practices. It will take more than a new logo and a fancy slogan to convince us they’ve turned over a new leaf.”




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