Tobacco ‘King Canutes’ to attempt judicial review of Government tobacco committee

Wednesday 03 June 1998

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Press release3 June 1998 – Immediate ASH
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Tobacco ‘King Canutes’ to attempt judicial review ofGovernment tobacco committee

Responding to news that four tobacco companies are to attempt a judicial review of theSCOTH committee (Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health) which reported in March thisyear, Clive Bates, Director of ASH, commented:

“It’s not at all surprising – the last desperate efforts of the King Canutes oftobacco trying to hold back a tide of fact and evidence that profoundly threatens theirbusiness.”

“Over the last fifty years they have systematically deceived the public oversmoking and health, the addictiveness of nicotine and their marketing to children. Nowthat opinion has decisively moved against them, they have obviously concluded the bestform of defence is attack.”

Later this month (25th June) ASH will publish a comprehensive review of thetobacco industry documents that have been released through litigation in the UnitedStates. These show what the tobacco companies knew and how they behaved in the keycontentious areas of smoking and health, addiction and marketing to children. We believethat anyone looking objectively at these documents will be appalled. They back up theindependent findings of SCOTH and show the Government is right to take strong actionagainst the companies.




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