Tobacco Disclosure Bill will reveal Big Tobacco’s dirty secrets

Tuesday 17 July 2001

For immediate release: Tuesday 17thJuly 2001

The Rt. Hon Frank Dobson MP, ex Secretary of State for Health, will tonight join the growing calls for adequate regulation of the UK tobacco industry.

Dobson, will address a meeting of MPs at the All Party Group on Smoking and Health and unveil his Tobacco Disclosure Bill. The private member’s Bill will ‘require the disclosure by companies selling tobacco products in the United Kingdom of full details of all scientific and market research carried out by or for them or associated companies and for connected purposes.’ This legislation will compel tobacco companies to disclose data that will shed light on the role of UK tobacco companies in such issues as tobacco smuggling.

The Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras will tell MPs: “We are entitled to know about the scientific research that tobacco companies carry out but keep to themselves. Just as important, we also need to know about their commercial and marketing information, so that their promotional techniques can be effectively countered”

MPs will also hear the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill should be reinstated and that the government was mistaken to not include it in the Queen’s speech.

Professor Gordon McVie, Director General of The Cancer Research Campaign, will tell MPs at the meeting that: ”I can’t understand why the government does not make regulation of this lethal industry a priority. Action is long overdue and we will do everything to help promote Frank Dobson’s Tobacco Disclosure Bill and get the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill reinstated.”

Karl Brookes, of the health charity ASH, said that: “The tobacco industry could teach the KGB a thing or two about secret operations and cover ups. This Disclosure bill will drag their dirty past out into the light and show how only better regulation will reign in their corporate excesses.”

For further information on the conduct of the tobacco industry see Tobacco Explained – The Truth About The Tobacco Industry In Their Own Words (pdf)


Details of the venue are as follows:
Details of the Venue: Committee Room 11, House of Commons, London
Time: 5-6pm
Speakers:  Rt. Hon Frank Dobson MP
Professor Gordon McVie, Director General of The Cancer Research Campaign