Smoking ban will boost smokers’ resolve to quit. Don’t wait for the ban – do it now!

Tuesday 07 March 2006

ASH news release: For immediate release: 00:01 Tuesday 7th March 2006
On the eve of the annual No Smoking Day, ASH is urging smokers who want to stop to have a go at quitting, even if they hadn’t planned to do so.  Recent research suggests that many smokers give up spontaneously as a result of a particular trigger. [1]  For many, that trigger will be the prospect of having to work in a smokefree environment.  Now that a smoking ban in all enclosed workplaces is set to be enacted shortly, [2] and some companies are already pressing ahead with smokefree policies [3] ASH is urging all would-be ex-smokers to think of the health and financial benefits of being smokefree and to give up now.

Surveys over the years have consistently found that around 70% of smokers say they want to quit, yet many find it hard to do so. [4]  But the smoking ban should help boost the resolve of those who are desperate to quit their deadly addiction.

Deborah Arnott, Director of the health campaigning charity ASH, said:

“No Smoking Day provides an excellent opportunity for smokers who are worried about the forthcoming smoking ban to ditch their habit for good.  We know most smokers want to quit but for those exposed to smoke in the workplace, it can be very hard for them to do so.

“However, as increasing numbers of workplaces become smokefree in advance of next year’s law, we urge smokers to  take advantage of the support that No Smoking Day provides and to quit now.  Stopping smoking is the single biggest step anyone can take to improve their health and the well-being of those around them.”


Notes and links:

[1]  “Catastrophic” pathways to smoking cessation: findings from national survey, British Medical Journal 2006; 332: 458-460

[2] Scotland goes smokefree on 26 March 2006.  The ban in Northern Ireland is expected to start in April 2007, and in England and Wales it will be mid 2007.

[3] Examples include BT which recently announced a smoking ban in all its offices and vehicles. See BT banning workforce from smoking, BBC News

[4]  Smoking-related behaviour and attitudes, 2004.  Office for National Statistics, London, 2005.


For further information and tips on quitting smoking see the Quitting smoking section of the ASH website.