Smokefree Lords is a great relief.

Thursday 17 May 2007

ASH news release:  For immediate release:  Thursday 17th May 2007


Smokefree Lords is a great relief


From July 1st the new smokefree law will protect England’s governors as well as the governed the House of Lords has confirmed ending uncertainty and rumour that the law would not apply to those who voted it in.


Today ASH welcomed the decision by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords that the principles of the new law will be implemented throughout the Parliament from 1 July.  Both the House of Commons and House of Lords voted by significant majorities to make sure the new smokefree law covered all workplaces including pubs that do not serve food and members clubs.


Viscount Simon, a hereditary Labour peer was an active supporter of the measure


“The House of Lords is my workplace and I can tell you that this comes as a great relief to me that I will get the same protection as workers in almost every other workplace in England. This isn’t a matter of comfort, for me secondhand cigarette smoke can trigger the kind of severe asthma symptoms that make you fear for your life and smoking rooms are no solution. I once had an attack triggered tobacco smoke coming up a ventilation pipe 


Martin Dockrell from ASH said:


“It is always nice to nail a myth, now we can be absolutely clear that Parliament, like all other workplaces, will be smokefree. This is good news for health and good news for democracy”.



Notes and links:

[1]  The new law technically does not apply to the Houses of Parliament, but both Houses of Parliament have agreed to make all enclosed parts smokefree in a way that is consistent with the new smokefree law that will come into place on 1 July 2007.

[2]  House of Commons:  The House of Commons Commission has decided that the Commons “should comply with the principles of the legislation, as it is not desirable that those who work on or visit the parliamentary estate should be treated differently in this respect than in other workplaces and public places”. More details on the smokefree policy of the House of Commons is on the web at:

[3]  House of Lords:  the House of Lords agreed on 9 May 2007 to implement a new policy on smoking to come into operation on 1 July that will be consistent with the provisions of the new smokefree law.  More details on the smokefree policy of the House of Lords is on the web at:


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