Response to alleged suppression of WHO passive smoking report

Sunday 08 March 1998

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Press release08 March 1998 ASH
Action on Smoking
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Response to alleged suppression of WHO passive smoking report

Commenting on an article in today’s Sunday Telegraph, ASH Director Clive Batessaid:

“Within the next two weeks the UK Government’s Scientific Committee onTobacco and Health will publish conclusive evidence linking passive smoking to lung cancerand heart disease – crucial elements of this were trailed in the British Medical Journalin October. The tobacco industry knows this report is going to be very bad for them, andthis is an obvious spoiler. They are getting their retaliation in first”

“According to the Telegraph, the WHO report has been submitted to a refereedjournal. When and if it is actually published, that will be the right time to comment onit and draw conclusions”.

“The tobacco industry is desperate to down-play the impact of passive smoking.When others are harmed all its arguments about adults being free to choose to smoke fallapart. There are clear links between passive smoking and lung cancer, heart disease,respiratory illness in children requiring hospitalisation, cot death, middle earinfection, asthma and many minor but widespread irritants.”


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