Public Health White Paper Delivery Plan - a step in the right direction

Wednesday 09 March 2005

ASH news release:  09:30 Wednesday 9th March 2005


Public Health White Paper Delivery Plan – a step in the right direction


Deborah Arnott, Director of the health campaigning charity ASH, said:


 “The Delivery Plan on the White Paper is another important step to a smokefree law covering workplaces and enclosed public places. It is therefore another step towards the most important public health reform in this country for many decades – since it will protect the health of non-smokers and encourage many smokers to quit their lethal habit. Now we need the Government to commit to a Bill in the first Queen’s Speech after the General Election.


But it is already clear that neither the hospitality trade nor the public health lobby can see any advantage in the White Paper’s proposed exemptions for pubs that don’t serve prepared food and for some private membership clubs. These exemptions will be hard to put into law, even harder to enforce and – because such pubs are concentrated in poorer communities – will simply make existing health inequalities even worse. A simple smokefree law covering all workplaces and enclosed public places is what we need – and what I am confident we will get.”




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