New guide shows 40% increase in pubs offering smoke-free areas

Thursday 06 April 2000

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Press Release and Photo Opportunity
6th April 2000
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The Star Inn, 37 Castle Road, Pucklechurch:
12 noon 6 April 2000

New guide shows 40% increase in pubs offering smoke free areas

A new guide to be launched on Thursday, 6 April will show that more pubs are introducing smokefree areas.  Membership of the Easy Breathing Pubs Directory, which covers pubs in South Gloucestershire, Bristol,Bath and North East Somerset has dramatically grown from 100 to 140 pubs – arise of 40%- that now offer a smoke free area to their customers.

All three pubs in Pucklechurch Village in South Gloucestershire now offer a smoke free choice for their customers.  This may be a first for villages in Britain.  On Thursday 6 April 2000 at 12 noon, the three Pucklechurch pub licensees will join South Gloucestershire councillors and health workers to receive their Easy Breathing membership certificates and launch the new Easy Breathing Pubs Directory. Two out of the three pubs in Pucklechurch are new members of Easy Breathing.  Anna Wilkinson Licensee at the Rose and Crown in Pucklechurch and a new member commented, “The no smoking area has recently been refurbished and is very busy. It is always full on weekends.”

Robert Todd, from the Star Inn who is also a new member said, “We built this extension to the pub a year and a half ago and let the customers decide whether it should be no smoking.  They left us in no doubt that the preference was for it to be a non-smoking area and we were happy to oblige.  Mr Todd added a personal comment,  “As an asthmatic, having a no-smoking area within the pub is wonderful!”

The enthusiasm for offering a smoke free choice is also shown by an existing Easy Breathing Pubs member,Helen Andrews from the Fleur de Lys in Pucklechurch. She explained, “Although many smokers frequent the pub, on a Sunday lunch time there is a fight to get the seats in the non-smoking area.”

Chris Burton from Health Promotion Service Avon who set up the Easy Breathing Pubs project with the local councils said,”We think that Pucklechurch could be the first village in Britain to have all 3of its pubs offering a smoke-free choice. Each year more and more pubs are seeing for themselves that offering the choice of smoking or non smoking makes good business.”

Burton added: “Pubs were always thought to be the last bastion of the smoke filled room. Easy Breathing Pubs and similar projects across the country have shown that many customers want a smoke-free choice and so it makes good business sense for publicans to provide one.  Pubs offer a choice of drinks and food, so it makes sense to offer a choice of smoking or non smoking area.”

Clive Bates, Director of ASH, said: “For eating, drinking and socialising these places are just so much better without the dense fog and stench of cigarette smoke – no-one could seriously argue against this, especially as the pubs generally make money and their customers like it.  It’s only the fear of change that’s holding up a complete rethink of tobacco smoke in pubs and restaurants -and projects like this will show even die hards that it can be done successfully.”


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